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Which mobile phone brands are you repairing?

We repair most of the smartphones available in the market, such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Nokia and Huawei smartphones.

Why is my cell phone slower after the software upgrade?

Older devices are known to slow down if a recent software update is installed. Τhe phone hardware is not equipped to support new operating system features.

What should I do if my cell phone falls into water?

After removing your device from water or any other liquid, you should try to dry the outside surface of the phone, being careful not to push any buttons. If possible, remove the battery to reduce the chance of a short circuit. Bring your mobile phone to iComTech and we will undertake its repair.

When do I have to replace my phone’s battery?

For a typical battery of a mobile phone, its efficiency starts to decrease after 1-2 years of normal use. Then it needs to be replaced with a new one.

How will Ι understand that my cell phone screen needs to be replaced?

If the phone screen is black or trembles, or has dead pixels then it has been irreversibly damaged. Contact us so that we can diagnose the fault and suggest repair methods.

in case of repair you also need my sim card?

No, we do not need the SIM card, but without it we can not fully test your device.

Do I need to give my phone password?

We need the password to check your phone after the repair. If you do not wish to provide the password, some features of the phone will not be tested, such as camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and therefore cannot be verified if they are working properly.

What happens to my personal information that I have stored on my mobile phone?

Our company pays special attention to protecting the privacy of your data. No information from your device will be transferred to third party. We respect our customers.