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We provide solutions for home, office, small and big business

Computer repairs

We provide full technical support and repair computers & laptops, LCD monitors,

Apple repairs

Smartphone repairs

Data recoveries

Security cameras

You can have access in every place you choose to see, wherever you are in the world.

Problem with Wi-Fi

We fix all Wi-Fi related faults such as no or weak signal. There are no costs for checking and diagnosing the fault.

Water damage

We repair your mobile phone or Tablet from damage caused by water or other liquids.

Unlock device

We unlock all models of your iPhone or smartphone. Do not spend money unnecessarily on upgrades or replacements.

Repairing of damaged screen

We can replace your broken or cracked screen of any mobile phone in affordable\good prices.

Software installation

Install or upgrade your mobile software.

Battery replacement

We change the battery of your mobile phone in case you face any problems such as low charge.